3 Levels of Connection and How to Level Up

All three levels have their place. For me, my conversations are more at Level 1 and Level 2. From looking at these distinctions, I understand how I can get to Level 3 where I can feel most alive and present with someone. One of the methods is simply by sharing how I am being impacted by the person I am with.

Sharing impacts is a very important skill in relating and connecting with someone. Sharing how we are emotionally impacted by someone resides at Level 3. This is why we emphasize sharing impacts, it takes us to the 3rd Level of Connection, where we need the most practice.

When someone shares how I affect or impact them, that is precious information. I am aware of how I feel about other people and how they impact me, but how do I affect or impact them? That's an area of information I know least about. When someone shares how they are impacted by me or reflect what I say, I feel seen and heard.

What levels are most of your conversations at?

What are you most comfortable with?

What can you do to have more Level 2 and Level 3 conversations?

Here is a summary of the 3 Levels of Connection and examples each that may help you to understand the distinctions more thoroughly.

Disclaimer: I learned about the core concept through the Circling practice. This information is my interpretations of the topic and how I understand them. This blog post is a draft that will continue to evolve.