How to Practice Empathy

What Empathy IS:

  1. Empathy is shared emotion. When two people share the same emotion, connection is ignited

  2. Empathy is being with someone and being able to feel what they feel

  3. Empathy is showing care and interest through asking questions with genuine curiosity

What Empathy is NOT:

How to Practice Empathy

  1. Be fully present and listen deeply so they are seen, felt and heard

  2. Ask questions to help the them go deeper or to understand more about their experience

  3. Try and feel what they feel. Empathy is shared emotions and feeling the same emotions ignites connection.

  4. Share something to let them know you can really relate to what they are feeling (keep it short and keep focus on them).

  5. Repeat or rephrase what they say at times, so they know you are listening

Great Questions for Practicing Empathy What was that like for you? What are/were you feeling? When you said "this",what did you mean by that? What do you think is making you feel that way?  How do you feel about that? How did that make you feel? How are you feeling right now? Can you say more about that? I'm curious about..(and ask question) Can you expand on that?

Rephrasing Questions What I heard you that true? It sounds like you're that true?

Noticing Questions I noticed your eyes lit up when you said that...can you tell me what was happening there?

I noticed my heart skipped a beat when you said that

I just felt tingles down my back when you said that