What is Emotional Fitness?

Updated: May 20

There is so much to learn and discover in the world of Emotional Fitness. Here are a few snapshots that touch on Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Awareness, Emotional Literacy, Emotional Ladder, Emotional Scale, Emotional Spectrum.

Emotional Intelligence is

1. Learning about the full spectrum of emotions and how they relate to each other

2. Understanding the hierarchy of emotions and how to navigating through them

Emotional Awareness is

1. Ability to identify and understand your emotions and the emotions of others

2. Using this awareness to guide your interactions towards love and connection.

Here is my version of the Emotional Ladder (for kids and adults), which was inspired by David R. Hawkins, the Map of Consciousness.

Emotional Literacy Wheel.

The first step in Emotional Intelligence is Emotional Literacy. The more specific we can identify our emotions, the easier it will be to understand ourselves and actually process it.

When I read Power vs. Force by David R Hawkins, it was a game changer for me. I was able to see the full spectrum of emotions and how they relate to each other. Each emotion here warrants it's own online zoom event.

I love Abraham-Hicks guide to emotions - "Pick the next best thought or feeling, don't try and jump a bunch of steps, bring yourself up gradually".

Inspiring Quotes

"Our emotions tell us what feels good and what doesn't feel good. We can use these signals to guide us to what we really want" ~ Tawni Traynor

"To experience love, it takes courage and vulnerability" ~ Tawni Traynor

"Connection is the opposite of depression " ~ Johan Hari

"They say the world is a mirror. When we see others in a similar situation that is difficult, we have empathy for them which in turn somehow gives empathy to ourselves."

~ Tawni Traynor